How To Choose A Water Filter For An Ice Maker

Choosing the right water filter for your ice maker is extremely important, because the filter is what makes ice cubes clear. Since clear ice cubes are made with filtered water it is extremely important to get a good water filter. One thing to look out for when shopping for a water filter for ice maker is the gallon capacity, or the amount of water it can filter.

Why Are Filters Important?

Water filters can also help make ice tastier and remove unwanted bacteria. Researchers over at DailyMail actually discovered that tap water can contain 10 million bacteria. While some bacteria can be good for you, an ice cube is certainly not the place for it. Unfiltered water can also cause an ice maker to get dirty significantly quicker. Now you can see the importance of a filter, but which water filter for ice maker is best?

Best Water Filter For Ice Maker

Water filter for ice maker

Anyone who owns a commercial ice maker knows how annoying it is to change the filter. As a result, most customers want a filter with a very high gallon capacity. The Inline Filter by Watts has a 20,000 gallon capacity, which can last  up to 4 years depending on the ice maker. Watts is a company that specializes in making water filters with the freshest taste and purist content. The Inline Filter is also compatible with almost any commercial ice maker.

Competing water filter companies such as Culligan are higher in cost, and gallon capacity. For instance, this filter by Culligan only has a gallon capacity of 3000. That’s only 15% of the gallon capacity of the inline filter. One would have to replace a Culligan filter every couple of months. Because of all of these reasons and many more, it’s a clear answer for anyone who needs a filter. Go purchase the Inline Filter today!

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