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How To Choose A Water Filter For An Ice Maker

Choosing the right water filter for your ice maker is extremely important, because the filter is what makes ice cubes clear. Since clear ice cubes are made with filtered water it is extremely important to get a good water filter. One thing to look out for when shopping for a water filter for ice maker is the gallon capacity, or the amount of water it can filter.

How To Make Clear Ice With Boiled Water

Everyone loves a clear ice cube. They look cool and they taste the best. When people drink clear ice cubes, they know they are getting the best purified ice possible. Whether you want to impress your friends, or just learn a little about how to make clear ice cubes, you’ve come to the right place. But how exactly do these restaurants make crystal clear ice cubes?

How Does An Ice Cube Maker Work?

Ice cube makers are extremely useful machines that most of us use everyday, buy how do they work? How does an ice cube maker produce ice in as little as 6 minutes?

  • First, an electric current sends a signal to open several hatches right next to the water compartment.

Best Home Ice Maker Of 2017

The NewAIR AI-100S quickly became a customer favorite upon its release. Today it’s still the dominant home ice maker, because of its compact design and numerous features. With 3 different ice cube size selections, you could be enjoying a nugget size ice within 15 minutes of plugging it in. The NewAIR AI-100S also requires no professional installation, just plug it in!