Best Automatic Ice Maker – A Complete Buyers Guide

Nostalgia RIC100 Retro Series
Nostalgia RIC100 Retro Series

Here at, we want to help you find the best automatic ice maker for your home or business. Ice makers often have many different features to make operation easier such as removable trays, ice cube size selection, and shaved ice settings. Ice makers are capable of producing large amounts of ice without hassle, which means you will never have to worry about an ice tray again.

Before you buy an Ice Maker for yourself be sure to ask yourself what you will be using it for. If you are only going to use it as a home ice cube maker, than you will want to look at our Counter Top Ice Maker Guide, but if you are looking for something to transport around check out our Portable Ice Maker Guide. Additionally if you run a business that requires ice you will need an industrial ice maker. These ice makers can also be referred to as commercial ice makers, and produce ice at an extremely fast rate. Some commercial ice makers can produce ice at a rate of 100 to 800 pounds per day, so these could be perfect for any restaurant or business.

Why buy an automatic ice maker?

Automatic ice makers allow people to have a study supply of ice without the hassle of filling up flimsy ice trays or installing an entire new fridge. Having an automatic ice maker is convenient and becoming more and more normal for home use. Ice makers produce ice at a much higher quality than ice trays. The water is often filtered before frozen making crystal clear cubes. Not to mention the fact that ice cube makers are very silent, you won’t even know they are there.

How does an ice cube maker work?

Automatic ice makers work in a variety of different ways. Some ice cube makers have a water supply line that runs water from a pipe into the maker. These ice cube makers are easier to use, because you do not have to worry about refilling it. Other ice makers are refillable, these ice makers are portable and don’t require installation. Refillable ice makers are often cheaper, but provide less quality ice and more work.

How to fix an ice cube maker?

Before purchasing an automatic ice maker, be sure to check to see if amazon provides a warranty.  Almost all of the best automatic ice makers have options for warranties, and for items that cost this much it is almost always beneficial to get the warranty. However, if you did not buy the warranty be sure to check the temperature if your ice maker has a setting for it. Be sure to wait at least 24 hours before concluding that an ice maker is broken. Some ice makers just take a lot of time to produce ice.

Where to buy your first ice maker?

Buying ice makers locally is nearly impossible, because it is very rare for customers to live near an ice machine supplier. Customers often find it is easiest to buy ice makers online from Amazon. Buying from Amazon means no dealing with sketchy unknown websites. Additionally, Amazon has the largest available selection of ice makers for the lowest prices. If you are trying to buy your first ice maker be sure to check out some of our buyer’s guides.

What features do the best automatic ice makers come with?

Different ice makers all come with a varying selection of cool features. For instance, some ice makers will require you to refill the water tank. Other ice makers have automated the process even further and hook up to a water source. The water runs through a water line whenever the water tank needs to be refilled to make your automatic ice maker struggle free. Another feature that some of the best automatic ice makers come with, is the ability for people to choose their ice size. Most home ice makers have 2-3 different ice cube sizes to make ice for any occasion. On the other hand, commercial ice makers like the one shown below very rarely have multiple ice size selection.

Commercial Best Automatic Ice Maker

The commercial ice makers often have less user options, instead they focus on producing ice at the highest quality and fastest rate. These machines are typically found in any business that needs a constant supply of ice cube. Restaurants and bars typically choose to use commercial ice makers to save time and increase productivity. Customers should evaluate which features they value most to select the best automatic ice maker for them.